Kimberley Weatherall

Hi! I am Kimberley Weatherall and the owner of Beyond Your Office.

I offer administrative and online business support in a virtual capacity to consultants, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and small business owners to allow them the time to concentrate on the areas of work that they love and do best! 

My experience comes from…

I have been fortunate to work in a number of administrative positions while working for the University of Ottawa, VSO Canada and CUSO-VSO (now CUSO International). After leaving CUSO-VSO in 2010 Kimberley took on the part-time position of Executive Director for Multiple Births Canada (MBC)transitioning MBC to be a client of Beyond Your Office until October of 2015.

I have volunteered for over 30 years locally, nationally or internationally for a cause very close to my heart as a mother of twins, supporting multiple-birth families locally through the Multiple Birth Families Association of Ottawa-Gatineau (formerly the Ottawa Twins Parents Association); as Chair, Board Member and Volunteer for Multiple Births Canada (MBC); and as Chair (currently Past Chair) and Board Member for the International Council of Multiple Births Organizations (ICOMBO), in addition to sitting on the Board for the International Society for Twin Studies (ISTS).

Why I do what I do…

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work and volunteer with many talented, hardworking and dedicated individuals, learning something unique from each position and person along the way. Through formal education, on-the-job training and my volunteer work I have continually worked on and developed a strong work ethic, dedication to professionalism and a passion for helping others. There is nothing like the feeling of helping a business owner to achieve their goals in their business or to make a difference in someone’s life by helping them personally or professionally through positive actions in a business or volunteer capacity. In addition to helping those that I support through my client and volunteer work, it has been a longer term goal of mine to help other women have the opportunity to reach their own personal and professional goals. Making a difference in the life of another is an important part of what and why I do what I do.  

On a personal note…

Those that know me well or have worked or volunteered with me over the years are likely to comment on my organizational skills. I am pretty sure they are a direct result of becoming a parent of twins at a relatively young age. There were not many options but to figure out how to accomplish a lot each day, on a very tight budget, with little help, and even less time!

I currently live in a suburb of Ottawa Ontario with my husband Steve. We are the proud parents of those now adult monozygotic (identical) and successful twin daughters. Yes, we made it!

I love to learn and play with new techy programs, often distracted by new shiny online tools and yes – addicted to my smart phone! When I have the time I love to volunteer, read, watch movies with my family (when they will let me pick the movie), bike on nearby trails and travel with our most recent trips being to Vancouver, Italy, Australia, Seoul and Belgium. 

Enough about me…let’s connect so I can get to know more about you!
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