Up Close & Inspirational

Up Close & Inspirational

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My first blog post…

While I have always loved the idea of being a writer, I have never written a blog post for my own business. I have never really felt that I have had all that much to share. Perhaps that will change when I get more comfortable with the idea! While I suspect that blog post topics will centre around what working with a Virtual Administrator/Assistant means, tips for working from home, tools to help with productivity and other general topics related to owning your own business, my main goal for starting this blog has more to do with promoting the businesses of others than it will be about promoting my own.

Share. Inspire. Succeed.

The majority of my blog posts will be dedicated to showcasing other women entrepreneurs or business owners (and on occasion an amazing man!) who I will ask to share their experiences in business with the hope to inspire others to succeed in achieving their own goals and dreams. And for those who are just starting out, perhaps a little sharing and promotion will help others to find these incredible businesses. Every day I find myself in awe of just how successful women have become by providing creative and unique products and services that we all need. So many times as a young mom of twins (and yes before the internet) I would ask my friends, “what could we invent to allow us to stay at home and make money?!”

Up Close & Inspirational!

The idea for Up Close & Inspirational! comes from a long-time passion of helping others; especially women and moms who are struggling to do it all. My personal motto has always been to “make a difference in the life of another” and it gives me great pleasure to watch and help others to succeed in whatever is most important to them. Whether it was with my volunteer work or through my previous positions I always found myself wanting to do more to help women to achieve more in their lives. When I was working full-time in a traditional job I often witnessed women trying to “do it all” – be a career woman, be the best mom, stay fit and healthy, volunteer and often times take additional classes by distance education (I remember a time in my life that described my daily routine as well). They struggled to do this while working within the confines of a traditional job, in an office setting, bound by the rules and hours they had to be at work. Most often being denied any leniency when it came to flex hours or the ability take the time they needed with their families and not be penalized for it. Lunch and break conversations often centred around how to find that perfect job/business that would allow us the flexibility to work from home and have the hours that would better suit our family life.

Since working for myself and being part of a greater community of self-employed business women, I continually find myself inspired and wanting to find ways to help and encourage other women to work for themselves or to live a life that they really want. Why did I wait till I was in my 50’s?

With that in mind, I have chosen to use the Beyond Your Office Blog to help inspire others and to also promote the great work being accomplished by so many new and experienced entrepreneurs.

I would be honoured to share your story!

I can’t promise that you will gain new business by doing so, but the extra exposure can’t hurt, and your experiences and advice are sure to inspire others as they work to fulfil their own dreams. Let me know if you are interested and I will be in touch with the details that I am looking for. Email: kimberley@beyondyouroffice.com.